Group Litigation

In recent years, the team has been instructed in some of the leading group actions issued in the English courts.

Exchange has a significant number of barristers with extensive experience of group actions. Our barristers cover a wide range of different types of claim, including:

  • Product liability claims
  • Group actions arising out of large accidents and disasters
  • Group actions brought by foreign nationals against UK registered companies
  • Collective competition claims
  • Group actions brought by consumers and under the Consumer Credit Act
  • Environmental and pollution claims
  • Data protection actions
  • Group actions in respect of industrial disease litigation

The team are experienced in advising on whether and how to obtain a group litigation order, as well as the subsequent management of litigation. The team are also alive to the unique funding issues that arise in group litigation actions and able to provide expert advice to ensure that any litigation can be properly funded.

We are instructed by specialist law firms in this sector including Pogust Goodhead, Keller Postman, Maitland Walker, Lanier Longstaff Hedar and Roberts and Backhouse Jones.

Recent experience includes:

Specialist Counsel instructed on the Volkswagen emissions scandal. By number of claimants, this group action is the largest of its type ever pursued in the English courts with 120,000 claimants. We also have a number of counsel instructed by a number of forms on subsequent emissions cases involving oter manufacturers (Mercedes etc).

Team of counsel instructed by Pogust Goodhead on the Fundão dam class action. The class action has been filed in the High Court in Liverpool on behalf of around 200,000 individuals, 25 municipal governments, 700 businesses, a Catholic archdiocese and members of the Krenak indigenous community.

Silk and junior instructed to advise on group actions regarding significant data breaches.

Our Counsel are instructed in relation to a number of Product liability cases including TVM cases and talcum powder (including against Johnson and Johnson).

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