Chris Gutteridge

Call 2006

“A fantastic junior who is able to quickly and concisely understand the complexity of
the claim and provide practical solutions.”

Chambers and Partners 2020
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Clinical Negligence

Chris is an experienced clinical negligence practitioner. He represents claimants who have suffered serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries (and is happy to accept instructions on a CFA basis). He regularly deals with claims involving complex breach and causation arguments. He is always happy to become involved at an early stage, providing preliminary advice to solicitor clients and meeting with lay clients to discuss their claims. Chris can also help with the selection and instruction of expert witnesses. He regularly holds conferences with experts in wide ranging disciplines with a focus on ensuring expert evidence is presented in a compelling and comprehensive way.

Chris has a particular interest in catastrophic injuries arising from clinical negligence with experience of cerebral palsy claims arising from the negligent management of labour and spinal cord injuries caused by negligent surgery. Chris is also instructed to represent claimants who have suffered disastrous consequences after negligently performed cosmetic surgery.

Clinical Negligence Cases

A (2017)

The 44 year old claimant suffered catastrophic physical and brain injuries after an aneurysm ruptured. The aneurysm had been identified by her doctors but was not promptly treated. The defendant Trust admitted negligence. The claimant would need round-the-clock care for the remainder of her life. She was wheelchair-bound and needed a great deal of disability equipment as well as regular access to therapies and specially adapted accommodation. The claim settled at JSM for a lump sum of more than £3 million plus annual payments of £200,000 per year for life. Led by William Waldron QC.


B (2017)

The infant claimant, now 10, suffered a hypoxic brain injury at birth. He has cerebral palsy but is an active little boy. He has significant behavioural issues which complicate his care regime. There was a dispute about how and where his care should be provided (whether at home or in a residential unit). Settled at JSM for £4.5million plus annual payments for life (expected to be to age 84) reaching over £190,000 in adulthood. The compensation encompasses the purchase/adaptation of a new home and the cost of professional care at home. Led by Amanda Yip QC (prior to her judicial appointment).
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C (2016)

A complicated case involving a middle-aged woman who developed sepsis as a result of a negligently retained cannula in her arm. She went on to suffer terrible soft tissue damage across her upper body and chest. The scarring that resulted caused functional problems (interfering with movement) and psychological injury. Settled for £500,000 shortly after service of proceedings.

D (2016)

The claimant sustained brain damage through the negligent management of his birth. He developed severe spastic cerebral palsy. Liability was compromised after a causation dispute and quantum was settled at JSM for £1.3million plus annual payments of more than £100,000 (net). Led by Amanda Yip QC (prior to her judicial appointment).

E (2015)

The 54 year old claimant was the victim of admitted clinical negligence during spinal surgery in 2009 and was rendered tetraplegic. The claim was settled on the eve of a High Court trial scheduled to last 6 days for damages equivalent to more than £6.5 million  made up of annual payments to fund the client’s 24 hour care package for the rest of her life and a lump sum payment totalling £2.9 million (allowing for, amongst other things, the purchase and adaptation of a large home including the installation of a hydrotherapy pool).

F (2015)

The 20 year old claimant suffered a brachial plexus injury (leading to Erb’s Palsy) as a result of the negligent management of his birth. He underwent 15 years of conservative treatment before undergoing significant, but unsuccessful, shoulder surgery. He was left with impaired shoulder function which restricted his ability to perform manual work and certain domestic activities. The claim was settled after a joint settlement meeting for a six- figure sum.