Chris Gutteridge

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“A fantastic junior who is able to quickly and concisely understand the complexity of
the claim and provide practical solutions.”

Chambers and Partners 2020
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Personal Injury

Chris is an experienced personal injury practitioner. He represents claimants who have suffered serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries (and is happy to accept instructions on a CFA basis). He has an exclusively Multi-Track practice which encompasses advisory work, drafting and court appearances. Chris is committed to maintaining high service standards. His practice is built on good relationships with solicitors and clients, quick turnaround of paperwork, flexibility in addressing case management issues and determined court advocacy.

Chris has a wealth of experience drafting multi-million pound schedules of past and future losses in catastrophic injury cases (involving amputation, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury). He regularly represents severely injured claimants at joint settlement meetings. Chris also deals with claims arising from fatal accidents. He balances sensitivity with efficiency and focus to secure favourable outcomes in difficult circumstances.

Personal Injury Cases

A (2018)

The claimant developed CRPS in his right foot and lower leg after fracturing his ankle when he fell from a lorry in the course of his employment with the defendant. His pain was resistant to medication, therapies and even spinal cord stimulation. Eventually he underwent a trans-femoral amputation, but CRPS affected the residuum of his right leg, making it impossible for him to wear a ‘socket-based’ prosthesis and confining him to a wheelchair. Settled at JSM for £3m, which will be used to fund the claimant’s surgery and provide state-of-the-art prosthetics for the rest of his life. Led by Gerard Martin QC.
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B (2018)

The claimant suffered a traumatic brain injury when knocked over whilst crossing a road. He made a good recovery, but was left with lingering cognitive problems and needed daily help from support workers. The defendant admitted liability for the accident but alleged contributory negligence against the claimant. A settlement worth more than £1.4 million (gross of an agreed liability apportionment) was approved. Led by David Knifton QC.
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C (2018)

The claimant suffered an electric shock at work and developed chronic regional pain syndrome (“CRPS”) in her hand and forearm. Her pain was resistant to treatment and eventually she underwent a below-elbow amputation. After a successful trial of a sophisticated prosthetic hand, the claimant’s experts predicted she would come to function very well. The claim was settled for £2.75 million at a successful round-table meeting, including a fund of over £1m to enable the claimant to purchase the best available prosthetics for the rest of her life. Led by David Knifton QC.
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D (2017) 

The claimant was a long-serving marine who suffered a traumatic below-knee amputation when he stopped to assist at the scene of an accident and was struck by debris when another vehicle collided with the wreckage. The claim was settled at JSM for more than £2m including a large prosthetics claim allowing for purchase of specialist ‘rowing’ legs (the claimant had become a keen rower since leaving the marines and had crossed the Atlantic with a team of ex-military amputees). Led by Amanda Yip QC (prior to her judicial appointment).
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E (2017)

The claimant was a teenager when he sustained a catastrophic brain injury in a road traffic accident. When the case came to settlement was in his early 20s but had the personality and cognitive abilities of a 7/8 year old. He would never work or regain capacity. He required round-the-clock care and specially adapted accommodation. The claim settled for c.£13.5 million at JSM. Led by Bill Braithwaite QC.
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F (2017)

The young claimant underwent a below-knee amputation after a motorcycle accident. He was rendered wheelchair-bound because of a pre-existing muscle wasting disease which left him too weak to walk using a prosthesis. His claims for accommodation and equipment were complicated by the degenerative nature of his pre-existing disease, which would have rendered him wheelchair dependent in the future in any event. The claim settled at JSM for c.£1.1m. Led by Gerard Martin QC.

G (2016) 

A middle-aged man who sustained significant physical injuries and a catastrophic brain injury when hit by a car whilst jogging. The litigation was complicated by issues about capacity and difficulty in establishing a care regime. The claim settled at a JSM for £1.9m including provision for lifelong supervisory case management and paid support to supplement family care. Led by Amanda Yip QC (prior to her judicial appointment).

H (2015)

The 9 year old claimant was ejected from his vehicle during a motorway crash. He suffered significant injuries to the right leg and underwent an above-knee amputation. Liability for the accident was in dispute between the two drivers involved in the accident and there was an additional issue regarding whether the child had been properly strapped into the car. Nevertheless, the claim was settled after a JSM for £2.4 million. Led by Amanda Yip QC (prior to her judicial appointment).

I (2015)

The 50 year old client suffered a complete spinal cord injury at T4/5 causing complete paralysis of the lower limbs. He also suffered a left brachial plexus injury making him a functional tetraparetic. Although his wife (a former paramedic) had provided him with a very high standard of care since the accident, settlement was eventually agreed on the basis that he would directly employ a small team of trusted carers. The claim settled after JSM for damages worth about £4.5 million. Led by Amanda Yip QC (prior to her judicial appointment).

J (2013)

A settlement of £4.8 million was secured for a 10 year old boy who suffered a serious brain injury after being knocked down while crossing the road. The claim presented a challenge as liability was disputed and the insurers refused to make any interim payments. Faced with a choice of litigating liability or seeking to find a compromise, the legal team secured the cooperation of experts and worked hard to reach a realistic valuation of the claim over a matter of months (much earlier than would usually be expected). The settlement was approved by Mrs. Justice Swift who endorsed the compromise as properly reflecting the litigation risks and being in the child’s best interests. Chris drafted the schedule of loss for the JSM and was led by Mrs. Amanda Yip QC (prior to her judicial appointment).