Multi-million pound settlements for David Knifton QC and Chris Gutteridge

July 26, 2018

In separate cases, two badly injured claimants, both represented by David Knifton QC and Chris Gutteridge have recently concluded their claims with multi-million pound settlements.

In one case, the claimant suffered a traumatic brain injury when knocked over whilst crossing a road. He made a good recovery, but was left with lingering cognitive problems and needed daily help from support workers. The defendant admitted liability for the accident but alleged contributory negligence against the claimant. A settlement worth more than £1.4 million (gross of an agreed liability apportionment) was approved by His Honour Judge Gosnell sitting as a judge of the High Court at Leeds District Registry. David and Chris were instructed by Helen Shakespeare of Thompsons Solicitors.

The other case involved a claimant who suffered an electric shock at work and developed chronic regional pain syndrome (“CRPS”) in her hand and forearm. Her pain was resistant to treatment and eventually she underwent a below-elbow amputation. After a successful trial of a sophisticated prosthetic hand, the claimant’s experts predicted she would come to function very well. The claim was settled for £2.75 million at a successful round-table meeting, including a fund of over £1m to enable the claimant to purchase the best available prosthetics for the rest of her life. David and Chris were instructed by John Gorner of Keoghs, Nicholls, Lindsell and Harris Solicitors.

Reflecting on the settlements, Chris Gutteridge said:

“These were two very different claimants but they had in common a tremendous desire to rehabilitate themselves after devastating injuries. It was a pleasure for David and I to work with them and secure substantial amounts of compensation which ensures the advances they have made in their recoveries to this point will be developed further.”

David Knifton QC and Chris Gutteridge are both members of the personal injury team at Exchange Chambers.