Will Waldron QC and Chris Gutteridge secure £1.7 million for motorcyclist

February 28, 2019

Will Waldron QC and Chris Gutteridge have secured compensation of £1.7 million for a motorcyclist who suffered catastrophic injuries after a road accident in Hampshire in 2015. The Claimant underwent a below-knee amputation on the right and suffered a significant injury to his left ankle.

The settlement includes, amongst other things, the future costs of a powered propulsion prosthetic ankle, future care, a specially adapted bungalow and adapted vehicles. The Claimant has returned to motorcycling (on an upgraded motorbike) and to his pre-accident pursuit of attending motorcycle rallies and music festivals. Although he can no longer camp out in a tent, the package of compensation includes the cost of a caravan specially adapted for use by an amputee.

Of the settlement, Chris Gutteridge said, “This has been a brilliant result for a motivated and determined claimant. He and his wife have shown incredible resilience in the face of a devastating injury and he has made incredible progress in his rehabilitation. It has been impressive to see him get to the point of riding a new motorbike, being back at bike rallies and going to Download Festival. This package of compensation will not only ensure that his care, prosthetic and accommodation needs are met for the remainder of his life, but also to find solutions to make sure he can continue to pursue his pre-injury hobbies and pursuits.”

Will and Chris were instructed by Marcella Nathanson of Thorneycrofts Solicitors.