Personal Injury Newsletter – March 2024

March 26, 2024

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Please find below the articles written by our barristers, and distributed in the March 2024 edition of Exchange chambers’ personal injury newsletter:

Hadley v Przybylo – Court of Appeal judgment handed down

By Chris Barnes KC

The much-awaited judgment in Hadley v Przybylo has been handed down. This is a significant win for claimants and their rehabilitation…


The Kirkup report 2015 – where are we now?

By Sara Sutherland

The Kirkup report gave us a level from where we could compare CQC investigations and reports that were carried out in the years following to see how change had been implemented and whether anything had changed…


Opinion evidence from lay witnesses

By Chris Gutteridge 

I have recently been involved in 3 cases in which a defendant has taken exception to lay witness statements served on behalf of a claimant, because they were said to contain ‘opinion evidence’…


At a glance: Supreme Court hears appeal on assessing PSLA in “mixed injury” whiplash claims

By David Illingworth, current Common Law pupil

On 24 February 2024, the Supreme Court heard the appeal in Hassam v Rabot, a pair of test cases which centre on how general damages are to be assessed in cases which involve both whiplash injuries (to which the fixed tariff under the Whiplash Regulations 2021 applies) and non-whiplash injuries (awarded under general common law principles).