Sarah Barlow

Call 1993

"Sarah’s advocacy is very effective – she commands the attention and respect of the court and never takes bad points. She exudes confidence, and is excellent with clients and can get on their wavelength."

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Sarah is a serious crime specialist, with a proven track record as a senior junior.

Specialising in defence work, she is also a Category 4 prosecutor, instructed by CCU, RASSO list.

Areas of specialism include:

  • Fraud – all manner of fraud work for both the prosecution and defence, VHCC’s, banking fraud, long-firm fraud, Ponzi schemes etc.
  • Large-scale drugs (including covert surveillance/undercover operatives), evasion of duty, importation of counterfeit goods, money laundering and organized crime.
  • Proceeds of Crime – extensive experience in this area, often following on from fraud, drugs, money laundering etc cases.
  • Forfeiture.
  • Sexual Offences – serious sexual offences, including historic abuse and cases involving extremely vulnerable victims and defendants.

Criminal Cases


Primark Kidnap, Prosecuted the high-profile Primark kidnap case in Newcastle Crown Court; two young children charged with the kidnapping of a toddler.

Re: L, Catterick Military Court, successfully defended a Major charged with assault.

R v Malik, Bradford Crown Court, defended in a large-scale fraud case; after disclosure arguments raised on behalf of the defendant, the case was dropped by the Crown.

R v Gong & Others, Bradford Crown Court. Prosecuted large scale immigration fraud.


R v Hussain, Leeds Crown Court. Defended in conspiracy to murder case.

R v Croft, Nottingham Crown Court, defended in a complex trading standards fraud.

R v McLearnon, Sheffield Crown Court, defended a nurse charged with fraud.

R v Khawaja & Others, Leeds Crown Court. Prosecuted large scale bank fraud.


R v Scruton, Teeside Crown Court. Defended in large scale drugs prosecution. Sarah’s client was the only defendant to be found not guilty.

R v Riley, Leeds Crown Court. Defended in murder case.

R v Fox and others, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Crown Court. Defended in complex conspiracy trail. The case involved the falsification of drivers’ tachograph charts and timesheets and required detailed knowledge of labyrinthine EEC regulations, Sage computer records and computer interrogation. In the ninth week of the trial, the prosecution other no further evidence against Sarah’s client.


R v Anojan, Leeds Crown Court. Instructed to prosecute insolvency related fraud, instructed as the prosecution required expertise in insolvency/receivership.

R v Ginwalla, Bristol Crown Court. Large-scale conspiracy to supply drugs. Legal argument excluding Mass-Spec Analytical evidence (plus headway made with cell-site analysis) led to the case being dismissed at the close of the prosecution case.

R v Mileham, Bradford Crown Court. Instructed by the defence in a historic abuse and indecent images case covering a protracted period and involving disputed expert evidence.


R v Hakeem & Others, Leeds Crown Court. Leading junior instructed by the prosecution. Multi-handed, high value and complex banking fraud, defendants represented by leading counsel. VHCC case, POCA ongoing in respect of one defendant.

R v Mayer, Sheffield Crown Court. Instructed by the prosecution in a familial rape case involving the uncle of the complainant. The defendant suffered Aspergers Syndrome.


R v Remmington, Sheffield Crown Court. Instructed by the defence in a large-scale importation (and distribution) of counterfeit cigarettes from Russia. Complex POCA proceedings followed.

R v Woolham, Bradford Crown Court. Instructed by the defence in a historic familial abuse case dating back to the 1950’s. Numerous legal issues involving delay (both in terms of the evidence and ultimately sentence).


R v Hession, Southwark Crown Court. Instructed by the defence; large-scale fraud and money laundering.

R v Buckley, Winchester Crown Court. Instructed by the defence; multi-handed conspiracy to burgle (Range Rovers, to order).

R v Helliwell, Preston Crown Court. Instructed by the defence; multi-handed rape and robbery.