Julian King and Sarah Barlow represent officers in two-week Police Misconduct Hearing

January 13, 2023

Julian King and Sarah Barlow from Exchange Chambers represented two Lincolnshire police officers in a Misconduct hearing held at Lincolnshire Police Headquarters.

The hearing conducted over two weeks, concerned allegations of breaches of the Standards of Professional Behaviour: Orders and Instructions and Duties and Responsibilities in relation to a police pursuit. Further allegations were made in relation to honesty and integrity following the completion of a Police Incident Procedure Account by both officers.

The Panel found that the allegations of a breach of honesty and integrity were not proved against either officer.  All allegations against a female officer represented by Sarah Barlow were found not proved. A male officer represented by Julian King admitted two breaches of professional standards. The Panel found these were proved to a standard of gross misconduct. Following submissions advanced on behalf of the officer, he remained in post and was issued with a Final Written Warning for 2 years.

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Julian and Sarah were instructed by Mark Wardley of Straw and Pearce Solicitors.