Andrew Ward

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"Andrew has an eye for detail and he is quick to identify the critical issues, the evidence required, and the relevant law and case law."

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Personal Injury

Andrew is recommended in the Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 directories as a leading personal injury junior. He is regularly instructed in catastrophic injury claims. Andrew acts for both claimants and defendants.

He was shortlisted for the “Barrister / KC of the Year” award at the Manchester Legal Awards 2023. He is a member of the Attorney General’s Regional ‘A’ Panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown. He is also a tenant at 12 King’s Bench Walk in London.

Andrew demonstrates great empathy towards seriously injured Claimants whilst being robust in protecting their interests in litigation.

His experience includes cases involving:

  • Serious traumatic brain injury;
  • Subtle brain injury;
  • Amputation;
  • Multiple orthopaedic and serious spinal injuries;
  • Brachial plexus injuries;
  • Fatal accidents;
  • Chronic pain, CRPS, fibromyalgia, FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) and somatoform disorder;
  • Serious psychiatric injury;
  • Accidents abroad, including disputes as to jurisdiction and applicable law;
  • Industrial disease (including mesothelioma claims concerning the cost of immunotherapy treatment); and
  • Insurance disputes related to personal injury litigation (e.g.: claims involving the MIB’s Uninsured and Untraced Schemes, Article 75 insurers and Section 151 of the Road Traffic Act 1988).

Personal Injury Cases

  • BO -v- RT: Andrew acted as junior counsel, led by Will Waldron K.C., for a motorist who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and a serious acetabular fracture following a road traffic accident. Damages of £3 million were agreed at a JSM in February 2023 and Court approval was forthcoming in March 2023.
  • SC –v- AL: Andrew acted as junior counsel, led by Will Waldron Q.C., for a motorcyclist who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury following an accident in May 2016. The claimant had an initial Glasgow Coma Score of 3/15 and significant retrograde and post-traumatic amnesia. He also suffered a spinal cord contusion at the level of T2/3. Damages of £2.8 million were recovered at a JSM in December 2021.
  • CW -v- DM: Andrew represented the Claimant who sustained a serious left foot fracture and avulsion of the heel pad when he was knocked off his motorcycle by a car in May 2016. The treating and medical experts in the disciplines of orthopaedics and rehabilitation medicine agreed that the Claimant would benefit from an elective below-knee transtibial amputation. However, he had received input from a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team and had opted for conservative treatment for nearly five years. The claim was presented on the basis that it was inevitable that he would come to an elective amputation in due course. Damages of £1.6 million were recovered at a JSM in February 2021.
  • CP -v- NP: Andrew represented the Claimant, aged 58 years, who was rendered paraplegic in a road traffic accident. A gross settlement was secured in January 2021 of £2,500,000.
  • AP -v- KT: Andrew acted as junior counsel, led by Will Waldron Q.C., for the Claimant who was knocked over by the Defendant’s car as she walked across a country road. She was rendered paraplegic with no bony connection left between her upper and lower body. Liability was hotly contested. William Waldron Q.C. and Andrew established liability at a High Court trial in March 2019 with no finding of contributory negligence. The Defendant obtained permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal. Andrew prepared the Claimant’s Skeleton Argument in response to the appeal. The appeal was compromised at a JSM in March 2020 when the Claimant recovered damages in excess of £2 million.
  • A -v- B: Andrew acted as junior counsel, led by Will Waldron Q.C., on behalf of a claimant who suffered paraplegia following an accident. A settlement of £4 million was achieved at a mediation in April 2018.
  • ST –v- DS: Andrew represented the Claimant, ST, who sustained a serious right brachial plexus injury, a mild traumatic brain injury, a de-gloving injury to his right arm and multiple fractures in an RTA in June 2014. Complicated issues arose concerning medical causation, the cost of flail arm orthoses and ST’s residual earnings capacity. Andrew obtained a settlement at a JSM in November 2017 of £925,000.
  • L –v- M: In March 2016, Andrew obtained a settlement of £500,000 on behalf of a deceased motorcyclist’s widow and dependants in a claim brought under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 and Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934. The deceased had set up a company shortly before his accident such that complicated accountancy evidence and ‘loss of a chance’ issues arose.
  • B –v- S: On 17th November 2014, Andrew represented the claimant at a High Court approval hearing following a settlement of a brain injury case in the sum of £1,550,000. Kenneth Parker J. approved the settlement on the basis of Andrew’s Advice on Quantum. The settlement was obtained following a JSM at which Andrew was led by Bill Braithwaite QC. The claimant was of doubtful capacity with conflicting expert medical evidence on the point. Parker J. approved the settlement so as to provide confirmation to the parties that a valid and binding compromise had been reached without the need for a protracted and costly trial of the issue of capacity.
  • J –v- G: During 2014, Andrew acted as junior counsel, led by Amanda Yip Q.C., for a husband and wife injured in a road traffic accident. Liability was admitted. The wife suffered a serious ankle fracture and, on the advice of her treating doctors, elected to undergo a below-knee amputation in April 2014. The husband suffered a moderate brain injury but responded well to rehabilitation and returned to work during the latter part of 2014. A settlement was obtained in November 2014 of £250,000 in respect of the husband’s claim and £1,350,000 in respect of the wife’s claim.
  • T –v- L and M: Andrew acted as junior counsel, led by Amanda Yip Q.C., on behalf of an injured rescuer who ran across a motorway to attend to a crashed car whereupon he was struck by another car. The claimant suffered a serious leg fracture and moderate brain injury. Despite the denial of liability, on the basis that some evidence suggested that the claimant already knew that the driver of the crashed car had been rescued prior to his attendance at the scene and ran out only to collect a hoodie for the driver, a settlement of £500,000 was achieved at a JSM in December 2013.
  • B –v- B: Andrew acted as junior counsel, led by Amanda Yip Q.C., on behalf of a claimant who elected to have a below knee amputation to address his symptoms of chronic regional pain syndrome that developed following a serious right leg fracture sustained in a road traffic accident. Andrew succeeded in striking out the Defendant’s pleading that the claimant had failed to mitigate his loss by electing to undergo an amputation. A settlement of £1,250,000 was achieved in May 2013.