Amanda Yip Q.C. and Andrew Ward settle two linked personal injury claims for £1,600,000

November 25, 2014

Amanda Yip Q.C. and Andrew Ward have settled two linked personal injury claims arising from a road traffic accident in May 2013 in the combined sum of £1,600,000. They represented a husband and wife who were injured when an oncoming car struck their tricycle. Liability was admitted. The wife suffered a serious ankle fracture and, on the advice of her treating and medico-legal doctors, elected to undergo a below-knee amputation in April 2014. A complicating factor in her claim was that her pre-accident mobility was restricted due to various unrelated medical conditions including left-sided transverse myelitis. The husband suffered a moderate brain injury but responded well to rehabilitation and returned to work during the latter part of 2014.

The Defendant’s insurer offered to settle the claims on the basis of a payment in respect of the wife’s claim of £1,350,000 and a payment in respect of the husband’s claim of £250,000. However, acceptance of either offer was conditional upon acceptance of the other.

Andrew commented that: “This case provides a good example of the parties to a claim working together constructively at an early stage and being able to resolve two significant personal injury claims without the need for Court proceedings, thus saving time and expense whilst sparing the Claimants from having to deal with the stress of protracted litigation.”

Amanda and Andrew were instructed by Hazel Madden of Thorneycrofts Solicitors.