Simon Lewis

Call 2012

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Professional Discipline

Simon is experienced in work relating to the regulation of professional conduct, capability and performance across a range of sectors.

In the world of business: he is appointed to sit as a legal chair of the adjudication panel for the UK regulator of the phone-paid services (the PSA); and he sits as an independent member of the equivalent panel for one of the leading global accountancy and audit bodies (ACCA).

In the world of healthcare: he has given decisions in a large number of “fitness to practice” and “fitness to carry on business” cases, involving both professionals and businesses, for the General Optical Council; and he has held a similar role for the UK’s largest healthcare regulator, the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

In the world of sport: he is appointed as a legal chair for the Judicial Panel at the Football Association, in relation to both on-field and off-field allegations; he is appointed in an equivalent role for British Cycling; and hPas presided over hearings of a similar panel at England Boxing.

Simon has also acted as a barrister for various individuals within both healthcare and football, and for leading professional football clubs.

Simon’s principal area of specialism is in Employment and Equality law. That area of practice – focusing on allegations, before tribunals, of misconduct, capability issues, and anti-discrimination – is particularly useful in approaching and dealing with professional disciplinary and regulatory work.

Simon also has considerable experience advising and acting on matters relating to the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Simon was appointed Junior Counsel to the Crown in 2015 on the Attorney General’s regional civil panel for a period of five years and reappointed in 2020. As such, in addition to his broader practice, he regularly advises and represents major government departments and ministers. He also has substantial experience working with local authorities and with business more generally.

More broadly, Simon has wider complementary experience of regulation through various non-executive roles. As a Non-Executive Director of an NHS trust, he has experience of matters relating to the Care Quality Commission, the Health and Safety Executive, and the professional regulators. As an independent board member for the ASDA Foundation, he has experience of matters relating to the Charity Commission. He also sits as a judge.