Richard McLean and Simon Lewis appointed to FA Judicial Panel

October 15, 2021

Richard McLean and Simon Lewis from Exchange Chambers have been appointed, for a three-year term, to the Football Association’s Judicial Panel.

As such, it is expected that Richard and Simon will be asked to chair hearings on a wide range of matters. Those matters might include hearings relating to “on-field” issues, such as wrongful dismissals, player misconduct, technical area misconduct, club misconduct or issues relating to crowds. Alternatively, they might include “off-field” matters, such as discrimination, anti-doping/drugs, media comments, betting and match-fixing, or issues relating to intermediaries. The panel deals with cases from across all applicable levels of the game, up to and including the Premier League.

This appointment builds on earlier appointments for Simon, who was called to the Bar in 2012, in the world of sport: as a chair of disciplinary/regulatory panels for England Boxing and for British Cycling; and as a non-executive director of the West Riding County Football Association.

Richard, who was called to the Bar in 2011, is experienced in work relating to the regulation of professional conduct in a variety of fields including sport and anti-doping. He also specialises in employment and discrimination law.