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Police Law

Julian represents police officers in Misconduct Hearings, Police Appeals Tribunals and within wider criminal proceedings. He represented officers in the first hearings before legally qualified chairs in three separate force areas. He has experience of a wide range of disciplinary allegations across numerous operational areas.

He has provided advice to Police Federations regarding rules and regulations. Julian also has experience of Judicial Review and Inquests. In his previous professional experience, he has advised Forces on investigations, prosecutions and civil claims against the police. He has undertaken specialist study regarding civil claims arising from criminal proceedings, with specific focus on malicious prosecutions.

Julian has provided lectures on police misconduct, most recently in Manchester with a seminar entitled “Police Misconduct Hearings. An Introduction”. Julian will be lecturing extensively across the country in 2019 on Police Misconduct topics in conjunction with MBL Seminars Limited.

Police Law Cases

Re PC M (Greater Manchester Police 2018) Represented one of three police officers at gross misconduct hearing concerning allegations of assault. All allegations dismissed.

Re PC D (Greater Manchester Police 2018) Represented police officer in relation to gross misconduct hearing following a criminal conviction for excess alcohol.

Re PC A (West Yorkshire Police 2018) Represented police office facing misconduct. Finding of gross misconduct in relation to arrest for excess alcohol and misuse of alcohol in the workplace. After substantial mitigation officer received final written warning.

R v PC T (Preston Crown Court 2018) Represented Police officer in Crown Court appeal. Officer accused of driving without due care and attention. Appeal allowed.

R v R (Bradford Magistrates Court 2018) Represented police officer accused of driving without due care and attention. Extensive mitigation advanced and minimal fine as sanction.

Re PC C (Greater Manchester Police 2018) Represented police officer during 3 day gross incompetence hearing. First gross incompetence hearing held in GMP in last 10 years. No finding of gross incompetence or unsatisfactory performance.

Re PC P (Greater Manchester Police 2017) Represented police officer accused of gross misconduct. Allegation concerned the actions of the officer during a drugs search. The 3 day hearing included detailed cross examination of witnesses. All allegations dismissed.

Re DC L (Cleveland Constabulary 2017) Represented Police officer in relation to gross misconduct hearing concerning excess alcohol case. Officer received final written warning.

R v Fazakerley (Caernarfon Crown Court 2017). Represented ex-British Nuclear Police officer accused of fraud offences.

DC D (Cumbria Constabulary 2017). Police Appeals Tribunal. Oral Hearing.

PC R (South Yorkshire Police 2016). Represented police officer during 8 day gross misconduct hearing, concerning allegations of assault and honesty and integrity issues. Successful submission of no case to answer in respect of assault allegations.

R v Prescott (Preston Magistrates Court 2016). Defended police officer with Greater Manchester Police, facing an allegation of criminal damage. Not guilty verdict.

DC D (Cumbria Constabulary 2016). Represented Detective Constable during 3 day gross misconduct hearing. First hearing in Cumbria before a legally qualified chair. Allegations of discreditable conduct.

R v Wishman (Preston Magistrates Court 2016). Defended ex-Merseyside Police member of staff from the Force Firearms Unit. Accusation concerning the possession of ammunition at work. Not guilty verdict.

PC Shah (Greater Manchester Police 2016). Represented police officer at gross misconduct hearing. The officer was accused of posting offensive images on social media. First hearing in Manchester before a legally qualified chair. Final written warning given as sanction. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-officer-posted-grossly-offensive-7620042

R v PS Smeaton (Mansfield Magistrates Court 2016). Defended officer accused of road traffic offences. Licence retained.

PC A (2015). Represented police officer accused of fraud and money laundering offences. Advice given regarding criminal and discipline areas.

DC A (2015). Represented detective officer accused of theft offences. Advised on search and seizure issues. No further action taken against the officer.