James Kinsey

Call 2018


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Motoring and Vehicle Crime

James regularly defends and prosecutes road traffic cases in the Crown and Magistrates Courts and delivers results in cases involving excess alcohol/drugs, speeding, disqualification and totting up, exceptional hardship and special reasons arguments, the haulage industry etc.

In his criminal practice, James utilises his wide knowledge of overlapping road traffic legislation and regulations from his personal injury practice and has recently co-led a seminar on motor insurance matters involving the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Recent cases have involved:

  • Successfully defending a drunk in charge of a motor vehicle matter on the basis that the offence was not committed on a road or other public place.
  • Prosecuting MP for Wakefield Imran Khan’s failed appeal against conviction for speeding.
  • The successful prosecution of an appeal against conviction involving the use of a mobile phone whilst driving.
  • Defending a charge of failing to provide a specimen for analysis on the basis of a reasonable excuse: a needle phobia.
  • Persuading the Motoring Court not to exercise their discretion to disqualify a driver for speeding over 100mph.
  • Mitigating in the Crown Court on behalf of a defendant in a dangerous driving matter involving a protracted daylight police chase.
  • Prosecuting an appeal against sentence following a conviction for the offence of overloading a lorry.