Exchange Chambers Pupils on their Feet

March 29, 2019

Exchange Chambers is delighted to announce that two pupils, James Kinsey and Joel Finnan, have completed their first six and are now on their feet and accepting instructions in their own cases.

James Kinsey is a common law pupil under the supervision of Paul Kirtley in Leeds while Joel Finnan is a commercial pupil under the supervision of Richard Tetlow in Manchester.

“Both James and Joel have excelled in their first six,” said Tom Handley, Chief Executive at Exchange Chambers.  “They both have the potential to develop outstanding careers at the Bar.”

Exchange Chambers strengthened its position as one of the country’s leading barristers’ Chambers for pupil barristers with a host of accolades at the 2019 Legal Cheek Awards.

Exchange Chambers won the “Best Chambers for Facilities” award as well as being shortlisted in the “Chambers of the Year” and “Best Chambers for Colleague Supportiveness” categories.  Exchange was also praised for being a “highly-regarded, multi-disciplinary super-set” by the judges.

Founded in 2011 by journalist Alex Aldridge, Legal Cheek is the UK’s leading news source for junior lawyers and law students.

Exchange Chambers holds an annual pupillage forum each year which gives aspiring pupils invaluable insight into the pupillage process and life at the Bar. Click here for details and how to apply.