Eddy Steele

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Road Traffic

Eddy has significant experience of representing clients for road traffic offences.

He has represented defendants for many years in the Magistrates’ Courts, since qualifying as a solicitor in 2013.  This includes high-net worth individual defendants for speeding offences and where there is a risk of losing a drivers licence under the totting up provisions.

Eddy has an excellent track record for succeeding in 100s of exceptional hardship arguments, and also in special reasons cases.

He has also successfully defended section 172 cases for individual defendants and also for commercial organisations whilst he was employed at DLA Piper, with a string of successes and repeat instructions from household name businesses.

As well as Magistrates’ Court proceedings, Eddy defends individuals in Crown Court trials, indicted for Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving, Death by Dangerous Driving and Death by Careless Driving.  Eddy currently has a number of serious road traffic fatality cases in his trial list.

Eddy works with solicitors from private practice, legal aid, global business law firms and insurance solicitors.

As a function of his practice background, having been the lead contentious regulatory solicitor at DLA Piper, a leading global business law firm, for many years, Eddy is still instructed in respect of transport regulatory cases, including tachograph and associated disputes before the Traffic Commissioner.

He has lectured to commercial organisations, for example NHS Digital and Highways England, on safety risk management and more particularly in respect of road traffic risk management.

Eddy also has significant experience as advocate in coronial inquest proceedings in respect of road traffic fatalities, acting for the driver who is either designated Interested Person status (and therefore the issue of self-incrimination is live) or in a watching brief capacity.  His expertise in this particular field is strengthened by his appointment as a deputy coroner in 2022.

Eddy is contactable 24/7 and is well-known for being highly-responsive in crisis management situations.