We are currently inviting applications from barristers across all locations, practice areas and levels of seniority

In recent years, a number of high quality practitioners – both silks and juniors – have joined Exchange Chambers from other leading sets.

Exchange Chambers is committed to an ongoing expansion programme across the Northern and North Eastern circuits.

With 169 members, we are one of the largest full service Chambers in the country. Recent Presiding Judges for the Northern and North Eastern circuits have both been members of Exchange Chambers.

We provide our members with outstanding practice development support tailored to their individual aspirations – whether it is developing better quality work, increasing earnings, applying for judicial appointments or taking Silk.

Record financial performance (2018 year-end turnover of £30.8 million) is fuelling our growth. Members’ contributions are highly competitive (around 12% on average) while flexible contributions are also available and can be tailored to the individual (single office, multi-occupancy and hot-desking all available).

Comments in Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 include “Northern Powerhouse”, “Regional Heavyweight”, “Highly Acclaimed”, “Renowned”, “Highly Commercial” and “Top-Notch”.

A move to Exchange Chambers could transform your practice.

To apply, or for further information, please contact Tom Handley (Chief Executive) in the strictest confidence.