Our Values

We are a large, commercial, multi-disciplinary set of Chambers located in the three major cities of the North. We have been progressive in our management for many years, emphasising our focus on client’s needs.

We hold strong beliefs about the way in which we work and run our business and are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. It is crucial to our standing as a leading set of Chambers that we excel in this.

We pride ourselves on having a good working environment – we have excellent staff retention, and many members with long service. It is our policy to offer and support flexible working for any member of Chambers.

We operate in an enabling atmosphere, placing a high priority on career development. We also support barristers who choose to undertake judicial appointments.

Our barristers provide an excellent, high quality service, demonstrating genuine expertise in the relevant area of law, provided in an imaginative and flexible way. We strive to build relationships with solicitors and clients with whom we share values.

We operate a corporate responsibility programme that has significant positive impact on Chambers and the communities in which we operate. Trust and transparency are embedded in everything we do.