Pupillage Diaries

In our new series of Pupillage diaries, some of our pupils will share their experiences throughout their Pupillages at Exchange Chambers:


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Julius Klutse – Commercial


Entry 1 – Julius discusses his first two weeks of pupillage


Amy Weir – Crime


Entry 1 – Amy discusses her first two weeks of pupillage


Nia Marshall – Common Law


Entry 1 – Nia discusses her first two weeks of pupillage

Entry 2 – An insight into the next two weeks of Nia’s pupillage, including shadowing her pupil supervisor and a trip to Liverpool Chambers

Entry 3 – Nia discusses a busy two weeks of pupillage, which included attending hearings and completing research

Entry 4 – Nia discusses the importance of a good work-life balance

Entry 5 – An update on weeks 9 and 10 of Nia’s pupillage, including speaking at a ‘career in law’ talk

Entry 6 – Nia discusses some of the lessons she has learnt whilst attending trials

Entry 7 – A pupillage update from Nia in the run-up to Christmas, including attending networking events, our recent ‘Pupillage Forum’ in Liverpool and recent trials she has observed

Entry 8 – Nia discusses her pupillage review and enjoys a well-deserved Christmas break

Entry 9 – To start the new year, Nia reflects on more opportunities for learning and growth during her pupillage, and studies for the upcoming BSB Professional Ethics assessment

Entry 10 – Nia discusses returning to work after her holiday, and attending various hearings

Entry 11 – As her second six approaches, Nia reflects on her experience in Liverpool, shadowing a number of hearings and conferences

Entry 12 – Nia reflects on some important lessons learnt from shadowing barristers on a variety of hearings, and attends the ‘North Eastern Circuit’s Tea on Teams: Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before Second Six.’

Entry 13 – Nia’s final diary entry before the start of her second six


David Illingworth – Common Law


Entry 1 – David discusses his first two weeks of pupillage

Entry 2 – An account of recent trials David has observed in the latest 2 weeks of his pupillage

Entry 3 – David discusses the work he’s been doing in the last 2 weeks of his pupillage, including legal research, case analysis and written advocacy.

Entry 4 – David discusses two recent civil trials he has observed in Manchester

Entry 5 – An update from David as he shadows Imogen Nichol, a common law pupil currently in her second six

Entry 6 – David discusses his recent advocacy training

Entry 7 – For future pupillage applicants, David provides a helpful insight into the concept of fundamental dishonesty in personal injury cases

Entry 8 – David provides an update on the start of his second six, and provides some useful insights into common law hearings for future pupillage candidates


Tanita Cross – Commercial


Entry 1 – Tanita discusses her first two weeks of pupillage

Entry 2 – An account of the next two weeks of Tanita’s pupillage, including dealing with imposter syndrome

Entry 3 – Tanita discusses some recent trials she has observed BSB ethics exam

Entry 4 – An update on Tanita’s pupillage journey as she approaches her second six


Tom Farr – Crime


Entry 1– Tom discusses his first two weeks of pupillage

Entry 2 – Tom discusses recent trials he has observed

Entry 3 – Tom focuses on day-to-day life outside of pupillage

Entry 4 – Tom discusses the logistics and complications of a large-scale case

Entry 5 – Tom reflects on his experience of pupillage so far

Entry 6 – An update on ‘Operation Lytton’, the trial Tom has been observing for the past few months of his pupillage