Date of application process: 1 December 2021 – 21 January 2022

Mini-pupillages to commence: 7 March 2022

Mini-pupillage duration: 3 days

Application forms will be available to download via our website on 1 December 2021. 

What do we offer?

We see mini-pupillages as an important part of our pupillage selection process, giving participants the opportunity to experience life in Chambers, and to observe and undertake the kind of work they would expect during a pupillage with us.

Just as we split our pupillages into common law, criminal or commercial practice, so too will mini-pupils focus on one area or the other, spending time with practitioners in that area and undertaking relevant paperwork. For that reason, we ask applicants to state when they apply in which area they would prefer to practise. Mini pupils will also have the opportunity to meet and speak to the other members of Chambers.

Please get in touch with Chantal Core if you have any queries.