Roger Hillman

Call 1983

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Personal Injury: Defence

Roger has significant experience working with many Local Authority Defendants facing public liability and employee claims arising from accidents on highways, in schools and in other public buildings.

He regularly defends complex and high value claims involving other types of local authority liability arising from the negligence of social services departments as to children and those for adults with disabilities, along with failures to act properly as supervisory authority for Deprivations of liberty, with overlapping experience from his Court of Protection practice.

Roger also represents other Defendants in factory accident and industrial disease cases, as well as in road traffic accident claims.

He covers Fast track and Multi-track claims.

Defence Cases

  • Representing a Defendant employer in Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claims brought by former and existing employees. Issues over the existence of HAVS, the level of handicap resulting where HAVS established, the possible earnings achievable by the Claimant in the future, the degree of handicap on the labour market and the extent to which future costs/assistance claims were made out.
  • Representing Highway Authorities as Defendants in Highway tripping claims, with issues over the veracity of the claims in the light of conflicting medical histories, whether trips were actionable as dangerous defects, the adequacy of inspection and maintenance regimes, exaggeration of the extent of resulting disability, disputes over future loss of income.
  • Representing Local Education Authorities as Defendants in numerous claims brought by pupils at schools after suffering injuries during gymnastics exercises, trampolining, playing in organised football and rugby games and in various types of playground accidents, with issues about the adequacy of supervision, sporting equipment, design and construction of school premises and playgrounds etc.