Rachel Coyle

Call 2013


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Rachel is experienced in a variety of commercial disputes, often with a property dimension. These include claims arising out of transactional agreements; shareholder, partnership and joint venture disputes; trusts; sale of goods and services; tortious disputes; data protection; construction disputes; contractual disputes of all kinds.

Rachel advises and represents individuals, shareholders, partners, directors or other third parties on corporate governance issues, including directors’ duties and remuneration, and unfair prejudice claims.


  • Drafting and representing a Defendant in a dispute concerning the non-payment of legal fees associated with alleged lack of service pertaining to data protection regulation;
  • Drafting and representing a company in an ongoing dispute concerning economic duress and repudiatory breach in a pharmaceutical contract;
  • Representing a director in an ongoing case concerning an alleged breach of a covenant;
  • Advising on the recovery of renovation costs against a negligent builder;
  • Advising on the relevant jurisdiction in contract claims concerning Latin American companies;
  • Advising a partner about how to dissolve a partnership;
  • Advising and representing a client in a debt claim as between it and the gas supplier;
  • Advising and representing a client in an unjust enrichment matter;
  • Representing a Third Party in resisting a third-party debt order;
  • Advising, drafting and representing a Care Home in professional negligence proceedings against their solicitor;
  • Advising, drafting and representing a luxury handbag dealer in a breach of contract, breach of sales of goods act and/or unjust enrichment matter;
  • Drafting pleadings in a matter against an agent for failing to obtain the selective property licence required by the London Borough of Redbridge;
  • Drafting pleadings and representing a Defendant in relation to alleged unlawful removal of property belonging to the company of which he was previously director;
  • Advising a construction company in a dispute concerning completed works for which it is owed money;
  • Drafting and representing a Claimant in a Protection from Harassment Act 1997 action in the High Court Media and Communications List;
  • Advising, drafting and representing a software company with whom I now have a retainer agreement;
  • Advising, drafting and representing a personal trainer/gym class app provider in a breach of contract dispute with a leisure centre
  • Drafting proceedings in respect of a failure to honour an agreement to provide adaptions to a property pursuant to the Housing Grants, Construction Regeneration Act 1996.