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Property & Planning

Jonathan’s practice covers all area of property law, with a particular emphasis upon disputes concerning land contracts and transfers, restrictive covenants, easements, nuisances, trespass and boundaries as well as commercial & residential landlord and tenant actions. He is recognised for being approachable and for giving clear advice.

Property & Planning Cases


Jonathan’s expertise encompasses land contracts, mortgages & charges, restrictive covenants, boundary disputes and adverse possession as well as easements, profits, trespass and nuisance. He has also dealt with disputes over co-ownership and proprietary estoppel.

Dispute over proper construction of boundary settlement agreement between homeowner and council

Advising national hotel chain over interpretation of food & beverage contract with pub group

Appearing in 5-day property land registration fraud case

Representing housing developer over ransom strip registration

Advising house purchaser upon utility easement

Appearing for land owner in 5-day trial concerning specific performance of land contract and constructive trusts.

Frequently advising upon boundary disputes, trespass, nuisance and adverse possession claims between domestic householders

Mediating boundary disputes

Advising home owners upon charges


Jonathan deals with both commercial and residential tenancies, licences and service occupiers, including termination and possession claims as well as dilapidations, rent review and the construction and rectification of leases.

Representing commercial landlord in arbitration and court proceedings concerning forfeiture of nightclub lease

Representing shop owners on claims for nuisance interfering with business operation

Successfully representing sub-landlord of Chinese restaurant concerning surrender of lease by operation of law and unlawful eviction

Advising building academy over forfeiture and planning matters

Appearing for mortgagees and mortgagors in various possession matters

Advising upon and appearing in £800K breach of covenant claim against landlord by owners of flooded wine bar.


Jonathan has experience of cases concerning trusts in the home, including express, constructive and resulting trusts, equitable accounting and TLATA 1996.

Representing ex-partner concerning interest in family home and ex-partner’s property portfolio

Successfully appearing for land owner in constructive trust claim over property development

Advising mother over trust/proprietary estoppel claim concerning deceased son’s house