Harriet Hartshorn

Call 2016

Photo of Harriet Hartshorn


Harriet is experienced in both corporate and personal insolvency and handles a range of matters arising out of the Insolvency Act 1986.

Harriet’s recent work includes:

  • Successfully resisting applications to annul a bankruptcy order;
  • Obtaining an administration order with retrospective effect in circumstances where creditor consent to an extension was defective;
  • Successfully resisting and advancing applications to set aside statutory demands;
  • Obtaining orders for possession and sale arising out of bankruptcies;
  • Appearing in disputed debt hearings for both winding-up and bankruptcy petitions;
  • Applying for and conducting private examinations;
  • Applying for orders requiring delivery up of company property; and
  • Routine applications on behalf of office-holders concerning remuneration, extension of administrations, and release from liability.