Eddison Flint

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"Eddison is always thoroughly prepared; he knows his cases inside out. He is not afraid of taking on complex legal arguments. He has a great work ethic and is a dream to work with."

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Eddison is an approved Grade 3 advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service and regularly conducts trials across Yorkshire and the North for both prosecution and defence.

Eddison accepts instructions in a complete array of criminal matters including:

  • Drug supply
  • Rape and sexual offending
  • Murder
  • Acquisitive offences
  • Robbery and serious violence
  • Fraud offences
  • Confiscation and enforcement proceedings

Recent cases have seen Eddison secure acquittals in trials ranging from rape to environmental fraud cases. As demonstrated through his recommendations in the Legal 500, Eddison always ensures that cases are well prepared in order to give his clients the greatest chance of success.

In cases involving large amounts of disclosure, Eddison has demonstrated the ability to identify key points from unused material to challenge prosecution witnesses, leading to acquittals and on one occasion in 2023, the stopping of a serious case of coercive and controlling behaviour at the end of the prosecution case.

Eddison has experience in handling vulnerable witnesses and clients and is adept at dealing with the problems that often arise in cases involving domestic violence or sensitive sexual offence cases. Eddison regularly conducts Section 28 cross examination hearings and will always ensure in conference that his clients are content with the case that is being put.

As a prosecutor, Eddison has been led on a number of successful county lines drugs prosecutions resulting in convictions involving multiple kilograms of class A drugs and their onward supply throughout Yorkshire and beyond. Eddison is a member of both the specialist fraud and POCA CPS panels.

In his own name, Eddison has successfully prosecuted a variety of matters including a complex S.18 matter whereby the victim was in the dock as the second defendant.

As a defence advocate, Eddison’s practice encompasses the full gamut of serious offending. In January 2024 he defended two cases of Kidnap, one of which resulted in a very favourable sentence for his client, whilst the other resulted in the crown offering no evidence against his client.

Similarly in January 2024 Eddison secured back to back acquittals in cases of rape and sexual offending whereby sensitive issues surrounding consent needed to be explored.

As a led junior for the defence in 2023, Eddison gained experience of murder, defending a client in a case involving covert tactics and voluminous disclosure.

Criminal Cases

(2023) R v AR – Defence – Led junior in a nationally reported 9 week murder trial;

(2024) R v TA – Defence – Unanimous acquittal in consent rape trial;

(2023) R v DB and CS – Prosecution – Complex S.18 stabbing;

(2024) R v RP, ES, BZ – Prosecution – Multi million-pound cannabis operation;

(2023) R v JF – Defence – S.18 GBH Stabbing;

(2024) R v FD – Defence – Acquittal in sexual assault trial;

(2022) R v MA – Defence – Unanimous acquittal in Oral Rape trial;

(2023) R v DK – Defence – Historic sexual offence trial

(2023) R v AP, RB – Prosecution – multi handed cannabis production trial

(2023) R v JW – Prosecution – adapted firearms trial;

(2023) R v HK – Prosecution – NCA Drugs operation

(2023) R v AS – Defence – Successful submission of no case to answer in coercive and controlling behaviour trial

(2023) R v DT – Defence Successful submission of no case to answer in aggravated burglary trial

(2023) R v AH – Appeared in the Court of Appeal, successfully arguing for a reduction in the defendant’s sentence in a case involving considerations around culpability when mental health is in issue.

R v SR – Secured an acquittal for a man charged with being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs. The Defendant’s fingerprints were found on 5 bags of drugs but was acquitted following forensic cross-examination of the fingerprint expert.

R v LW – Junior Counsel for the defence in a case involving conspiracy to murder and perverting the course of public justice. Eddison dealt with over 100,000 pages of disclosure over the course of the trial.

R v MS and 11 Others – Junior Counsel to the Crown on a violent disorder matter involving 12 defendants in a street wide brawl in Bradford.

R v DM – Prosecuted the theft of building site machinery, rebutting the defendant’s alleged reasonable explanation. This case led to successful POCA proceedings where the existence of “hidden assets” was proven.

R v JR – Prosecuted a 2-day affray and offensive weapons case where the Defendant was alleging self-defence.

R v SH – Contested a sentence that was alleged to be “wrong in principle” at the Court of Appeal.

JR v NT – Successfully dismissed committal proceedings against the defendant on the technical defence of inadequate service. Eddison used recent case law to establish that the Defendant had not been served with the relevant freezing injunctions and therefore could not be in breach. This case involved freezing injunctions for a near six-figure sum.

NYCC v JW – Successfully dismissed committal proceedings as was able to establish that the defendant could not be in breach of an order as alleged as at the time of the alleged breach, the order had lapsed.