Eddison Flint

Call 2015


"Eddison is always thoroughly prepared; he knows his cases inside out. He is not afraid of taking on complex legal arguments. He has a great work ethic and is a dream to work with."

The Legal 500 2024
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Eddison is developing a burgeoning practice involving regulatory proceedings and non-centralised prosecutions. Prosecuting, he regularly acts on behalf of the DVSA and the Insolvency Service.

Eddison has defended multiple RSPCA prosecutions and is currently defending in a private fraud prosecution.

Regulatory Cases

RSPCA v HC – Defended in an unnecessary suffering case involving expert evidence concerning 7 animals. Eddison successfully appealed the length of the disqualification order in this case.

RSPCA v KR – Unnecessary suffering case. After having made a request under section 6(2) of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 for the CPS to take over the prosecution, the proceedings were discontinued upon agreement to an RSPCA caution.

DVSA v CF – Dealt with the sentence of a defendant who fraudulently issued up to 100 MOT certificates in order to satisfy a drug debt.

BIS v POS – Prosecuted a defendant for fraudulently transferring £35,000 worth of assets to his spouse in order to avoid his VAT debts.