Bill Braithwaite KC

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"Bill has an excellent grasp of the practicalities of living with disabilities. He is very assured in settlement negotiations and has an excellent rapport with clients."

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Bill is championing a revolutionary, new system called “neutral facilitation”. It is a flexible method of managing catastrophic injury claims, giving the parties control over the procedure to an unheard of extent. He wrote a seminal article in the Journal of Personal Injury Litigation in Autumn 2013, and has been advocating it since. He has used its principles in some of his cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Cases


GP – Male aged 25 – catastrophic brain injury – settlement for £11 million at full value

PV – Baby assaulted aged 4 months – severe brain damage – CICA award settled at £3 million

JS – Three year old boy knocked down by a car – severe brain damage – £4.2 million


CS – male aged 21 – C8 sensory and T1 motor complete paraplegic – settled for £3million lump sum

MH – male aged 45 – C8 Asia C tetraplegic – settled for lump sum of £2.9 million

JM – male aged 20 – settled in 2011 for £2.2million with periodical payments


NC – Unlicensed use of Misoprostal for stillbirth delivery leading to catastrophic brain injury

XY – Cerebral palsy caused by medical negligence – settled for £5.2 million

OM – Negligent diagnosis of acute abdominal condition – settlement of £3.4 million

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