Bill Braithwaite QC and Chris Barnes in £10 million brain injury claim

July 16, 2015

AB was about six months old when he was injured in a car crash, and eight at the date of finalisation of his claim.

He suffered a very severe brain injury, was hospitalised for a long period, and developed post-traumatic epilepsy. He has a left sided hemiplegia that is likely to deteriorate as he ages. He will never gain mental capacity to manage his own affairs and will have lifelong support needs. His claim was finalised on the basis that:

1    he will receive a lump sum of £3,300,000, subject to deduction of interim payments (£420,000) and CRU (£23,358.25), giving a net lump sum payable of 2,856,641.75;

2    he will receive annual payments of £130,000 to his 16th birthday, £155,000 from his 16th to his 19th birthday, and £250,000 for the remainder of life. Those annual periodical payments are to be increased annually in line with inflation, and he will not pay tax on them.

The gross value is about £10,100,000.

Our figures were as follows:

Pain, suffering and loss of amenity (ie the injury itself): 250,00

Past gratuitous care and assistance: 67,571.74

Past miscellaneous expenses: 360,000.00

Future loss of earnings and pension contributions: 473,486.36

Future care and case management costs: 7,414,291.43

Future accommodation costs: 786,936.24

Other future costs: 941,973.40

Future Court of Protection costs: 280,000.00