Amie Boothman

Call 2019

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Amie is frequently instructed to act on behalf of landlords in possession proceedings under the Housing Act 1988 and has represented clients in respect of boundary disputes and housing disrepair claims.

As well as her court work, Amie is regularly instructed to draft pleadings in a property law context, both residential and commercial, and to provide formal advice in respect of the same. Examples of Amie’s advisory work in respect of property law matters includes:

  • Advised a landlord company in respect of the legal status of a tenant that had been living in properties let by the landlord company from the early 1970s who had asserted that a regulated tenancy persisted rather than an assured tenancy agreement and the consequences of the same in terms of the validity of rent increases and consequences of issuing possession proceedings.
  • Advised on the interpretation of a break clause in relation to an assigned lease and authorised guarantee agreement.
  • Advised on prospects of defending a claim in its infancy at pre-action stage and drafted the reply to the letter before action relating to a potential claim pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, and its amendments following the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, in relation to a tenant allegedly suffering severe allergic reactions to the property.
  • Advised in relation to the interpretation of a rent increase term and non-compete clause in a business lease.