Alex G. Williams

Call 2014

Photo of Alex G. Williams


Alex has experience of acting for Interested Persons, including local authorities and bereaved families in jury and non-jury inquests.

He has expertise in personal injury matters, acting for Claimants and Defendants, and he appreciates the importance of giving proper advice to clients where civil proceedings are contemplated and on the implications of the inquest finding.

Recent Inquests include:

  • Inquest arising out of the death of MU, a care home resident who absconded and was later found deceased.
  • Inquest arising out of the death of MA, who died from extensive peritonitis and perforations in the bowel after hospital admission.
  • Inquest arising out of the death of JT, who died, after hospital admission, from sepsis due to a leg ulcer, having cut her leg on a car door.