Success for David Temkin and Alex Williams in £680,000 fraudulent trading trial

September 20, 2017

David Temkin and Alex Williams, successfully persuaded a judge at Sheffield Crown Court that the case against their client should be stopped at the close of the Crown’s evidence. David and Alex represented one of four Defendants facing serious allegations of fraudulent trading, fraud and money laundering. Their client, a prominent Lincolnshire businessman, was said by the Crown to have set about refinancing assets in such a way as to deprive creditors of over £680,000. After two weeks of complex financial evidence, the Crown’s case was severely weakened  by disclosure difficulties. David and Alex advanced detailed written and oral arguments as a result of which the judge directed the jury to return not guilty verdicts for their client.

David and Alex were instructed by Peter Grogan, Head of Business Crime and Regulation at JMW Solicitors LLP, who comments, “I instructed David Temkin, leading Alex Williams, in this multi-defendant, multiple-indictment case at Sheffield Crown Court. The case was extremely complex. The detail was marshalled expertly by David and Alex. Their written and oral arguments throughout trial were models of clarity. Their disclosure challenges and ‘no case’ submissions combined to ensure a completely successful outcome for a delighted company director client.”