Terms of Business and Client Care

Fees and Policies


We adopt a transparent, flexible and commercial approach to fees.

Our clerks and senior management team are happy to discuss fees with you up front and tailor them to your requirements. We will discuss and scope a piece of work with you and provide a fee quote at no cost. We ensure our fees are structured appropriately for every case.

We operate a number of flexible options regarding fees including:

Hourly rates: We are happy to agree not to work beyond a certain financial limit set by you. This allows you and your client to stay in control of fees.

Fixed fees: We are happy to discuss and agree where appropriate a fixed fee for a piece of work. Some work will lend itself to this arrangement, some will not.

Capped fees: We apply an hourly rate and charge on that basis but up to an agreed cap for that piece of work. Again, some work will lend itself to this arrangement, some will not.

We will consider CFA work in appropriate cases.

Click here to view our fees and policies.


Complaints Procedure


Although seldom used, we have a recognised procedure for dealing with complaints that ensures they are given proper attention, and a suitable remedy is found without delay. Complaints should be made to Neil Wright (Practice Manager).

Our Complaints Procedure is available to view here here.




We invite feedback from our clients in relation to the quality of our services. Clerks and Members of Chambers note your comments and pass them on to, Neil Wright (Practice Manager) for review. This is the way we ensure that our services are meeting your needs. Furthermore, there may be occasions when we ask you for specific comments on the quality of our service and hope you will bear with us in the interests of improving it wherever possible. Feedback can be addressed to a member of the senior management team.


Public Access


Changes to the law have enabled us to take instructions from members of the public, businesses and companies who may now take advantage of our services via Public Access.

Public Access is permitted in relation to almost all areas of law and a qualified barrister can offer legal services to help you solve the problem or to bring about a resolution with the assistance of the court or through a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, (for example mediation).

If you do have a legal issue which you think is suitable for public access please call one of our clerks who will explain the process to you. If you decide you would like to discuss the matter with a barrister we will put you in touch with the best person to deal with your particular issue.

If your case is accepted as one suitable for public access the terms of the instruction will be clearly set out for you in a letter of appointment.

Our Public Access team includes practitioners acting in all major areas of law. Please contact one of our clerks who will be able to assist with any enquiry.


Equality and Diversity


At Exchange Chambers we are committed to promoting equal opportunities for all, including members, pupils, employees and applicants to Chambers. We do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, gender reassignment, disability, age, religion or belief.

Our Diversity Data is published in the table below (last updated September 2018).



Flexible working


Male White



26% 74% 96% 4%


Pupils 0% 100% 67% 33%


Staff 67% 33% 100% 0%



Provision of Service Regulations


Certain information is provided by Exchange Chambers in accordance with the requirements of The Provision of Services Regulations 2009.  Any required information that is not provided is included in our Letter of Acknowledgement which details the terms of business between us and our clients. Please click here to view the full information.


Privacy Policy


Exchange Chambers and its members comply with our obligations under GDPR. You can view Chambers’ and members’ privacy policy here.