Tim Wilkinson secures settlement of £1.55 million

June 21, 2023

Tim Wilkinson from Exchange Chambers has secured a settlement of £1.55 million for a seriously injured client.

Tim’s client, a 24-year-old labourer, was dismantling scaffolding without any safety harness or training. Liability in the case was disputed throughout.

The Claimant fell 40 feet and suffered significant pelvic fractures and a lumbosacral plexus injury resulting in a left sided foot drop. There was a small statistical risk of a below the knee amputation. He also suffered significantly with psychological trauma on account of the nature of the accident and the ramifications of his physical injury on his pre accident lifestyle.

Proceedings were issued on account of the Defendant’s refusal to fund the required rehabilitation. The Defendant averred that the Claimant was on a frolic of his own saying he was specifically told not to attempt to dismantle scaffolding and was trying to impress. The Claimant disputed this saying it was commonplace for him to dismantle scaffolding despite his lack of training and qualifications. The case involved numerous successful applications for specific disclosure from the Defendant, the HSE and the police.

The matter was listed for a 3-day split trial on liability. The Defendant requested a joint settlement meeting a matter of a few weeks before Trial and the parties agreed terms on a global settlement in the sum of £1.55 million.

Tim Wilkinson was instructed by the Manchester office of Irwin Mitchell.