Tim Wilkinson

Call 2006


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Personal Injury

Tim specialises in high value, catastrophic personal injury claims with a particular interest in cases involving Brain and Spinal Cord Injury, Amputation and Fatal Accident claims.

He has been recommended in The Legal 500 as a “Leading Junior with the practice of a Silk”.

Regularly instructed on cases of the utmost of severity, Tim is personable and second to none in his ability to develop a rapport with clients and their families.

Described as a thoroughly prepared practitioner who is attentive and superb at identifying, managing and securing the needs and objectives of his clients, Tim is highly skilled at spotting precarious situations that need to be handled with care, empathy and sensitivity.

Tim is regarded as being an “exceptional advocate” who is “unflappable in the court room”.


  • 26-year-old knocked off his motorbike. Traumatic Brain Injury. Brachial Plexus and significant orthopaedic injuries. The Claimant required suitable accommodation and extensive care/support. Capacity in dispute. Settlement achieved at a little over £3 million excluding Capacity damages.
  • 45-year-old motorcyclist knocked off motorcycle on approach to a roundabout. Arguments relating to making his own lane. Low speed collision when Defendant moves out of queuing traffic. Claimant suffered spinal cord injury incomplete at C3. Tetraplegic. Settlement of liability 70%:30% and damages of £3.5 million net.
  • 40-year-old female police officer. Knocked off her bicycle. Cauda Equina Syndrome with permanent and deteriorating bowel, urinary and sexual dysfunction. The Claimant had initially, extensive problems with work and the potential for significant future care and medical needs. Settlement at £1.7 million.
  • 26-year-old support worker. Front seat belted passenger in Defendant vehicle that left the road and rolled. Unstable T3 fracture of the spine. Surgically fixed but spinal deterioration kyphosis present. Initial concern surrounding the potential for the development of myelopathy. Issues relating to work, care and the Claimant’s ability to start a family. Settlement in excess of £500,000.
  • 42-year-old company director. Feet crushed by falling work equipment. Amputation of all toes on one of his feet. Phantom pain. Neuropathic pain. Psychological injury. Loss of work and significant care and prosthetic needs. Liability compromised on a 50%:50% basis. Settlement achieved at £1.3 million.
  • 50-year-old alcoholic lady who travelled as an unrestrained passenger in a vehicle driven by her drunken partner. Defendant argued that there should be no award for damages as the Claimant allowed herself to be driven by a driver who was heavily under the influence of alcohol. Brachial plexus and significant orthopaedic injuries requiring extensive care/support. Difficulties surrounding care as her partner/carer was the tortfeasor and, like the Claimant, an alcoholic. Liability settled 60%:40% basis. £1.3 million.
  • 20-year-old engineering student. Knocked over whilst running across the road. The Defendant argued that he was negligent in running and that he should have been aware of the Defendant’s approach. Accident reconstruction evidence determined the Defendant was driving in excess of the speed limit and should, in any event, have been aware of the presence of the Claimant before he crossed the road. Significant brain injury and lack of Capacity. Liability apportioned 80%:20% in favour of the Claimant. £1.9 million.
  • 60-year-old lady with pre-existing epilepsy requiring full time supervision. Attending a car boot sale when a tree fell on her causing major orthopaedic injuries (fractured pelvis, both legs, both arms as well as every rib). In addition, a likely mild brain injury leading to a worsening of her epileptic condition. Preliminary issue trial to determine who the occupiers of the land were. Public liability insurance withdrawn from the Defendant. Liability denied as unusually high winds and no evidence of any problem with trees. Joint Settlement Meeting brought about a settlement that was subsequently approved by the Court as “more than reasonable under the circumstances”. Settlement £250,000.
  • 8-year-old girl who fell off playground equipment at school. Defendant argued that, despite instruction and supervision, the Claimant was fooling around and brought about her fall. Claimant had no memory of the incident. Significant brain injury. Extensive Neuro-Rehabilitation/Early Intervention. Remarkable recovery. Expert evidence in Paediatric Neurology, Neuropsychology, Neuropsychiatry, Educational Psychology and Neurodevelopment. Liability split 70%:30% and settlement approved at £500,000.