Sian Jones

Call 1998

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Sian has significant experience both appearing as counsel for a range of interested persons, and sitting as an Assistant Coroner in the Preston and West Lancashire jurisdiction (appointed April 2009).

Inquests Cases

Sian has represented interested persons in inquests dealing with following issues, and sitting with or without juries:

Counsel for the family of a lorry driver, crushed by his load due to sudden braking (unknown cause) and inadequate securing of load.

Counsel for the providers or canoe equipment for hire, which lead to the death by drowning of a child passenger, against a background of consideration of manslaughter charges.

Counsel for the owners/providers of land used for off road biking, on which a teenage user of the facility died going over a sheer drop.

Counsel for Cook Medical, U.S. manufacturers of medical theatre operating equipment, in relation to a product which may have malfunctioned, and been one in a “cluster” of such incidents (it being determined after a 3 day Inquest that in fact there was no issue of concern with the equipment).

Counsel for numerous families in deaths involving Industrial Disease and/or accident.

Counsel for numerous families in deaths involving the RTA loss of both adult and child family members.

Counsel representing 6 of the families of victims of Harold Shipman (in deaths which were not the subject of his prosecution) – Unlawful Killing verdicts obtained in all 6 Inquests.

When sitting as a Coroner, Sian has experience of dealing with a wide range of issues including:

Road and rail accidents.

Deaths following medical treatment.

Sudden death of an infant including the issue of whether insufficient medical care had been rendered.

Deaths involving alcohol and drugs, including prescription drugs/treatment which may have led to the death.

Self-harm including after recent interaction with the police, and/or allegations of bullying.