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Nicola is an experienced, specialist criminal practitioner who has experience in a wide variety of cases including:

  • Serious and organised crime (including firearms, drug trafficking, modern slavery and serious violence)
  • Fraud (including MTIC fraud, money laundering, misappropriation of public funding and benefit fraud)
  • Homicide
  • Serious sexual offences
  • Confiscation and POCA

She is a Category 4 Prosecutor (including Category 4 Specialist Fraud, Serious Crime Group and Serious Sexual Offences Prosecutor) and also a member of the Attorney General’s list of Counsel.

Nicola prides herself on her ability to see a way through complex situations and manage such instructions swiftly. Nicola is renowned for her client care skills and is careful to deal with sensitive situations in a tactful manner. She can bring her skills to the fore as an advocate for the prosecution or defence.

Criminal Cases

Operation Kings (R v Alan & John Tobin and others) (2021) – Leading Junior for the Prosecution against OCG led by two brothers who ran drug empire and were centre of £20m cocaine haul in 2019.

R v Nash and others (2020) – Successful defence of female defendant charged with Conspiracy to Possess and Supply Prohibited firearms, grenades and Class A Drugs.

R v Barton & Booth (2020) – Appeared on behalf of the prosecution in the appeal led by Benjamin Myers QC in landmark case in relation to the test for dishonesty.

R v Corson and others (2020) – Junior Prosecution Counsel led by Gordon Cole QC in the successful multi-handed murder case of Stephen Maguire.

Jabloksaite & Repsas (Modern Day Slavery) (2020) – for details of case see attached links: or

Op Dreadnought (2018-2020) – Leading Junior Prosecution Counsel in multi-handed Class A drugs prosecution.

Op Brewer (Goran & Goran, Beech and Beesley) (2019) – Modern Day Slavery and Fraud case.

Operation Uzana (ongoing) – Junior Prosecution Counsel in multi-handed Conspiracy to Defraud case involving complex issues of fact and law and the alleged theft of £millions from vulnerable elderly victims.

Operation (2019) – Defence Counsel in SFO Prosecution; Conspiracy to defraud case involving the alleged misappropriation of £million in sports funding grants.

Operation Scarva (2017) – Defence Counsel for 1st Defendant in 21 handed Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs case.

Operation Goa (2017) – Defence Counsel in 12 handed Conspiracy to Produce Cannabis case

Operation Roenne (2016) – Lead Proscecution Counsel in Multi-handed conspiracy to supply Class B drugs – Investigation leading on from Op Kopis.

Operation Kopis (2016) – Lead Prosecution Counsel in multi-handed conspiracy to supply Class A & B controlled drugs case, together.

Operation Phobos (2016) – Successfully acted for Defendant in large scale, multi defendant conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Operation MFBE (2009-ongoing) –Junior Prosecution Counsel in the amalgamation of 4 separate fraud investigations, involving the Prosecution of 27 different individuals charged with MTIC fraud, Importation and Distribution of Counterfeit Goods and Money Laundering.

R v Liam Johnson (Op Halstead) – Prosecution counsel in an application to  vary a confiscation order made in the Defendant’s absence. Due to defendant now appearing, full review of the case, including review of the benefit figure on the basis of the lifestyle provisions now applicable and submissions in relation to hidden assets.

R v Lakatos (2014) – Sole Prosecution Counsel in the Prosecution of a dangerous offender in relation to a harrowing incident involving him imprisoning his former partner and threatening to kill her with knives and an imitation firearm in the presence of her two young children. Incident only resolved by highly trained Police officers managing to distract and then shoot the Defendant.

R v Taylor (2014) – represented defendant in trial involving the possession of a prohibited firearm.

R v AM (2014) – Sole Prosecution Counsel in a successful conviction of a step father for indecently assaulting and having sexual intercourse with his two teenage step daughters.

Operation Barnadino (2012) – Sole Prosecution Counsel in the successful prosecution of a 14 strong team of organised criminals, who committed a number of serious commercial burglaries around the country, using power tools such as angle grinders, mainly targeting ATM machines and properties containing safes which could be expected to be storing large amounts of cash.

Operation Caddisfly (2012) – Sole Prosecution Counsel: Multi-handed conspiracy to import Heroin and Cocaine and a linked conspiracy to Cultivate Cannabis.

R v Hussain & Others (2011) – Represented the 1st defendant in a four handed conspiracy to rape case involving the cross examination of 2 juvenile complainants in relation to more than 13 different sexual incidents.

R v Comfort (2011) – Sole Prosecution Counsel: large scale international drugs conspiracy based primarily upon telephone and cell-site evidence.

R v X (2010) – Represented a 14 year old boy charged with raping a 14 year old girl,whilst he was 13 years of age.

R v Sammon et al (2009-2010) – Represented the 2nd Defendant (firearm’s dealer’s girlfriend) in a 3 month, multi-handed jury protected trial.