Nia Marshall

Call 2021
0113 203 1970

Photo of Nia Marshall

Nia Marshall was called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn on 14th October 2021.

She commenced a common law pupillage in September 2023 under the supervision of Ashley Serr. During her first six, she shadowed a wide range of common law work including employment law, regulatory law, commercial law, inquests, and personal injury.

Under the tutelage of her supervisor, Nia  Marshall has observed numerous employment hearings (final hearings, case management conferences and preliminary hearings). She hopes to develop a busy practice in Personal Injury and Employment law.

During pupillage, Nia developed her paper-based practice by drafting opinions in employment and regulatory law (Disclosure and Barring service cases). She has also provided advices on liability and quantum and drafted statements of case.
Prior to obtaining pupillage, Nia worked as a County Court advocate in two of the country’s most prominent nation-wide advocacy providers. She has represented clients in approximately 200 hearings.

Nia also has experience conducting conferences with lay and professional clients. She has represented clients in the following types of hearings:

  • Infant approval settlements
  • Small claims:
    Road traffic accident
    Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
    Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)
  • Return of goods
  • Mortgage possession
  • Mortgage applications
  • Charging orders
  • Landlord and tenant possession
  • Bankruptcy and debt recovery
  • Civil applications
  • Dispute resolutionDirections