Natasha Barnes

Call 2010

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Public Law & JR

Natasha is instructed in high-profile judicial review claims and appeals in cases primarily concerning national security and immigration. She appears in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Special Immigration Appeals Commission, High Court and Investigatory Powers Tribunal.


Supreme Court

  • AAA & Ors v SSHD: Led by Lord Pannick and Sir James Eadie KC in the ongoing challenge to the Home Secretary’s plan to transfer asylum seekers to Rwanda.
  • R (TN & US) v SSHD [2021] UKSC 41: Led by Robin Tam KC in lead case concerning the lawfulness of the Detained Fast Track Rules 2005.

Court of Appeal

  • MS v SSHD: Sole counsel against Tim Buley KC in case concerning whether a grant of interim relief should be treated as success for the purposes of costs in a judicial review.
  • GA v SSHD: Sole counsel against Stephen Cragg KC in an appeal against SIAC’s dismissal of GA’s review against the SSHD’s decision to refuse him naturalisation.
  • Third Direction Claim: Led by Sir James Eadie KC in challenge to MI5’s policy pursuant to which MI5’s agents are authorised to participate in crime. The Court stated that the case ‘raises one of the most profound issues which can face a democratic society governed by the rule of law’.
  • The ‘Child Spies’ Case: Led by Sir James Eadie KC in challenge to SSHD’s use of children as Covert Human Intelligence Sources.
  • Pham v. SSHD: Junior counsel to Robin Tam KC in a high-profile appeal against SIAC’s strike out of an appeal against the deprivation of Pham’s citizenship after he was sentenced to 40 years’ imprisonment for terrorist offences in the U.S.

Investigatory Powers Tribunal

  • Operation Venetic: Led by Sir James Eadie KC and David Perry KC in lead cases challenging the NCA’s obtaining of data from EncroChat, an encrypted criminal communications platform. This case is critical to the NCA as the data has resulted in 250 convictions and seizure of >£75m / 5,000kg cocaine.
  • Techen Claim: Led by Sir James Eadie KC in a claim challenging the way in which MI5 holds warranted data.


  • D9 v SSHD: Sole counsel against Martin Goudie KC in a review against SSHD’s decision to exclude D9 on grounds of national security.

High Court

  • Saifullah v MOD: Instructed by the Ministry of Defence in high-profile litigation concerning allegations that British Special Forces unlawfully killed Afghan civilians.
  • R (Taggart) v Royal College of Surgeons: Acted for a consultant surgeon (led by Jeremy Hyam KC) in claim raising whether the Royal College of Surgeons is amenable to Judicial Review.