Nadia Koucheksarai

Call 2003

Photo of Nadia Koucheksarai


Nadia practises exclusively in family law. When practising as a solicitor she was a member of the Children Panel. Nadia undertook extensive advocacy representing both parents and children. Nadia continues to represent children; including those with capacity to instruct her in their own right, as well as children via their court appointed guardians.

Nadia’s practice is predominantly in Public Law. She is regularly instructed in matters involving allegations of inflicted injury, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. She has considerable experience of representing parents with capacity and cognitive issues, including working alongside intermediaries. Nadia has also undertaken a number of cases dealing with jurisdictional issues including the application of Article 15 Brussels II revised.

In Private Law proceedings Nadia has substantial experience representing both parents and Guardians in finding of fact hearings dealing with serious sexual and physical harm allegations. She is often instructed to represent the interests of the children in matters dealing with complex family dynamics and the instruction of experts.

Nadia prides herself on her thorough preparation, personable approach and focused advice.


Recent/Notable cases include:

  • Instructed to represent subject children with various developmental delays. There was a concern that some of the delays and features of the children were of organic origin but consent was not given to the genetic testing of all the children and as such the court needed to consider legal argument on this issue. Testing was ordered and the children were found to have a rare genetic disorder. The court then undertook a lengthy Fact Finding exercise in order to determine whether the children’s various developmental issues were a result of the care provided to them or this specific gene for which there was limited medical research.
  • Nadia is currently instructed as sole counsel to represent the child against leading and junior counsel for the Local Authority and the Mother in an Application to Discharge a Care Order which relates to significant historical sexual abuse allegations made by the older children against the parents and others.
  • Nadia was instructed to represent the mother where the youngest child has suffered a complicated parietal skull fracture and bilateral subdural haemorrhages. There continues to be ongoing representations as to the appropriate medical expert evidence sought in light of the complexity of the medical presentation.
  • Nadia was instructed to represent a Pakistani father who traveled to and remained in Poland for a portion of proceedings in relation to contested jurisdiction arguments in both his and connected proceedings.
  • Instructed to represent a child of a Bulgarian mother and African father in a case where the Local Authority and mother sought that Bulgaria assume jurisdiction in relation to proceedings pursuant to Article 15 Brussels ii revised. This was successfully opposed by Nadia and the proceedings and the child remained in England.