Mark Stephenson

Call 1997

Photo of Mark Stephenson


Mark is an experienced criminal practitioner, appearing almost exclusively for the defence in serious and high profile cases. Many of the cases he is instructed in involve matters of complex fraud, money laundering, large drug conspiracies, serious violence offences and serious sexual offences.

The nature of the cases is such that they are usually complex and document intensive. As a result he appears regularly as both a leading and led junior in Courts across the country.

Of particular note is his ability to deal with the most complex financial and accounting matters. He also has extensive experience of international cross-border issues, particularly the admissibility and investigative powers.

Criminal Cases

Operation Koronis – large scale drug importation

Operation Wizardry – Multi million pound tax evasion frau

Operation Norway – Drugs conspiracy

Operation S-Mart – Multi-million pound property fraud and money laundering brought by the SFO

Operation subtraction – Large-scale production and supply of counterfeit documents

Operation Flycatcher – Tax and construction fraud

R v Nacho –  Nationwide insurance fraud involving over 90 defendants

Operation Oak – Large-scale dugs conspiracy with over 30 defendants

R v K – Multi-handed drugs conspiracy on a national scale

R v T – Very serious case over involving sexual offences over many years

Operation Oriole – Drugs importation/distribution conspiracy

R v T – Multi-million pound building fraud

Operation Lilywhite – High value benefit fraud with 36 defendants

Operation Chaplin – Large drugs conspiracy

R v Q  – Internet fraud

R v G – Complex multi-handed POCA involving alleged money laundering to fund terrorism

R v S – Gangland drug related shootings in both London and Lancashire