Greg Plunkett

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Professional Negligence

Greg has been engaged in both the defence and pursuit of professional negligence claims from the start of his legal career. As a junior lawyer in the late 1980s, he was one of only a small number of solicitors in England and Wales who were instructed in relation to claims brought against solicitors, who were then insured through the Solicitors Indemnity Fund.

Greg has acted for and against widest possible range of individual professionals including accountants, actuaries, consulting engineers, independent financial advisers, insurance brokers, quantity surveyors, solicitors, teachers and vets.

Professional Negligence Cases

Recent cases include:

Claim against a solicitor who brought High Court proceedings on behalf of client alleging negligence against a surveyor in respect of two substantial unconnected commercial property valuations and then allowed limitation period to expire;

Claim against a solicitor for breach of trust and undertaking arising from substantial mortgage fraud;

Claim against a criminal solicitor failing to advise correctly on cost consequences of grant of legal aid to a professional who was embroiled in a major conspiracy to defraud HMRC and convicted following a lengthy Crown Court trial of a relatively minor offence. Received Community Service Order and now faces massive costs bill.

Claim against solicitors for failing to give correct and/or timely notices to  commercial landlords.