Andrew Jebb

Call 1993

“He is absolutely superb in his advocacy and his preparation.”

Chambers and Partners 2020
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Andrew is a specialist defence criminal advocate. He is instructed by leading law firms and is keen to provide advice from the earliest stage of cases.

He has been consistently recognised as a leading white-collar defence junior outside London in Chambers and Partners and The Legal 500 since 2013.

Criminal Cases

2019 – R v Cole, Afful, Day, Denny, Murphy, Cummings, Khurasani & Weaver
Secured acquittals in a violent disorder trial where fighting broke out in Concert Square between football fans. The defendants were accused of using violence which went beyond self-defence, on November 22, 2017.

2018 – R v Johnson and others
The case involved huge quantities of cocaine being flown into Kent from France and Belgium in hidden compartments in a specially converted helicopter. I represented a man who was stopped by police driving back up to Liverpool. He had 40kg of high purity cocaine in the boot of his car. He was acquitted by the jury after a 5 week trial.

2018/2019 – Operation Mandolin
The case involved the importation into the UK of shipping containers of cigarettes and tobacco on which no duty was paid. The duty evaded exceeded £5m. The proceeds of this operation were then laundered through the purchase and sale of motor vehicles. This case proceeded to trial and is now at the confiscation stage of proceedings.

2018/2019 – Operation Rossi
Representing one of the defendants in this fraud based at a commercial bus company in North Wales. The defendants were convicted of fraud and money laundering and the case is now at the confiscation stage of proceedings.

2018 – R v PD & others
Represented the main defendant facing allegations of fraud, fraudulent trading and money laundering. The defendant set up and ran a publishing business which purported to publish magazines linked to the Emergency Services. Large numbers of owners of small businesses were persuaded to purchase advertising in these magazines but the magazines were never published. Approximately £1.5m was obtained by the defendants.

2016/2017 – R v Cumiskey (& Others)
The case involved a fraud on two banks with losses totalling £159m, only £17m of which was recovered. The case involved the fraudulent assignment of a large number of contracts to the banks on the basis of which the banks lent out the £159m.The defendant we represented was the Finance Director of one of the two companies which assigned the contracts. He was said to be at the heart of the fraud.

2015/2017 – Operation Tungsten
This case involved the importation of Class A, B and C drugs into the UK. The defendant was involved in organising the transport route for approximately £50m worth of cannabis and ketamine. He was convicted after trial in 2015. Since then the Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings have been on-going. Those proceedings recently concluded after defence written submissions with the Prosecution agreeing to reduce the criminal benefit figure from £50.5m to £200k, a reduction of over 99.6%.

2016/2018 – Operation Lunar
Represented former HMRC officer alleged to be involved in tax evasion schemes (so called Section 132 Schemes) based around films, videogames, digital software and pharmaceutical products for high net-worth individuals causing an alleged loss to HMRC of approximately £150m. This case was funded through a D&O insurance policy. The case against all defendants collapsed as a result of defence legal arguments.

2015/2016 – R v C
Successfully defended client accused of £2m money laundering

2015/2016 – Operation Affleck
Representing Defendant in £3.5m Land Banking fraud – currently  at the confiscation stage of proceedings

2015/2016 – Operation Alveras
Represented Defendant in £11m money laundering scheme – confiscation proceedings were eventually abandoned against him

2013/2014 – Operation Cactus Hent
Represented main Defendant in multi-million pound alleged pension fraud – all defendants acquitted at the close of the Crown’s case – ruling upheld after unsuccessful appeal by the Prosecution – now reported at R v Quillan [2015] EWCA Crim 538

2012/2013 – Operation Valgus
Represented Defendant in £30m mortgage fraud

2012/2013 – Operation Kalo
Represented Defendant in nail-bombing conspiracy

2012 – Operation Dumpcart
Represented Defendant in £3m VAT repayment fraud

2011/2012 – Operation Nacho
Represented Defendant in multi-million pound ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraud

2011/2012 – Operation Chaplin
Represented lead Defendant in large-scale international conspiracy to import up to 40 tonnes of cocaine from South America

2011 – Operation Quicksand
Represented acquitted Defendant accused of multi-million pound procurement corruption involving Network Rail

2009/2010 – Operation Tankard
Prosecuted multi-million pound Financial Advisor fraud. Thought to be the first ever prosecution for the practices of churning and bond-stripping.

2010/2012 – Operation Raiment
Represented Defendant in multi-million pound payroll fraud

2009/2010 – R v Goodison
Represented acquitted Defendant accused of participation in €90 million fraud on HSBC

2009 – Operation Seahog
Represented Defendant in large-scale Security Industry fraud

2008 – R v Brumskill
Represented acquitted main Defendant accused of multi- million pound ILA fraud

R v Ornstein
Represented acquitted Defendant accused of attempting to defraud Irish banks of $35m as part of a Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud