App Recommendations for Lawyers

May 13, 2020

Andrew Jebb provides a useful guide of smartphone apps lawyers may find useful. 

Any lawyer with a smartphone might want to consider getting these apps:

  1. Scanner Pro – available for both Android and Apple – this is a very easy to use and powerful program. If you have to physically prepare a document, eg a Basis of Plea, at Court and get it onto the DCS quickly, then this app would solve the problem.
  2. Good Reader – available for Apple – this is a very versatile PDF reader app – allowing you to read, edit and sign PDF documents.
  3. Last Pass – available free (or on subscription) for both Android and Apple – this password manager and password generator keeps all your passwords and personal information in a secure vault – no need to keep insecure lists of passwords again. Keep the ICO happy.
  4. Crime Fees – available free for both Android and Apple – this free app covers both LGFS, AGFS and CPS fees – work out the fees you will be earning when we get back to doing trials
  5. Crime QRH – available for both Android and Apple – this is a searchable database of offences, providing links to the relevant sentencing guidelines, ancillary sentencing orders, the relevant statutes and references to Archbold and Blackstone.

One final suggestion, seen on BBC Click last weekend. If you are finding it difficult to keep extraneous noise out of your remote hearings, then try the free version of Krisp – a noise cancelling app. No more shouting children or barking dogs detracting from your remote advocacy.