Nicholas Walker warns charities of the pitfalls of corruption at Liverpool event

October 27, 2015

Liverpool accountancy firm BWMacfarlane held an event last week to update more than 50 Liverpool charities and third sector organisations on the latest legislation affecting them.

The Autumn Charity Update featured an address by criminal barrister Nicholas Walker from Exchange Chambers on ways to manage and avoid bribery and corruption in the workplace.

He said: “We live in an unforgiving world, where people are very happy to hold charitable organisations to account. It is more important than ever and you must consider the potential damage to your reputation if you are associated with an act of bribery.

“A zero-tolerance attitude towards bribery or any act that can be construed as bribery, for any business, should be at the heart of your code of ethics. You should ensure training is robust, communication of your principals is stringent and take care to carry out due diligence on any new employees.

“Bribery accusations can be difficult to deal with when they occur, but if you apply common sense, think about it in a proportionate way and use the guidance that is available it can be avoided.”

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