Corporate Social Responsibility

Charity Partnership

Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre (MCTC) is Exchange Chambers’ chosen charity for 2018/19.

MCTC exists to provide support to a range of clients who are unable to access the help they need through the social care system, or are unable to afford to access care independently. The range of care and support offered is extensive and relies on a group of fully professional volunteer counsellors.

The offer to heal extends across a range of counselling including support for clients experiencing stress, anxiety/depression, bereavement, addiction, abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and feelings and many more services.

MCTC’s purpose is to help those in need irrespective of their ability to pay. They focus on need and helping the individual regain their inner strength to cope moving forward. The demand for their services continues to grow greater, particularly as other support services for individuals are curtailed, and MCTC rely on charitable support.


  • August 2018: We raised £2500 in a charity abseil
  • November 2018: We held our charity ball and raised around £17,500
  • December 2018: We raised £2200 with our Christmas card collection and Christmas raffle
  • April 2019: We raised £600 with our Easter raffle
  • November 2019: We held our charity ball and raised around £23,000
  • December 2019: We raised £2400 with our Christmas card collection and Christmas raffle


Pro Bono Work

For over five years we have been part of a pioneering pro-bono alliance with The National Autistic Society’s Education Rights Service.

The Exchange Chambers team comprises 30 barristers, including two Queen’s Counsel with decades of experience fighting injustice, providing legal support to families with autistic children.

Our barristers have undertaken autism awareness and special educational needs training from The National Autistic Society, and provide free legal representation before the Special Educational Needs Tribunal.

We were awarded the Outstanding Family Support Award at the 2016 Autism Professionals Awards.