Crime Newsletter #2 – April 2020

April 24, 2020

In the second instalment of the crime newsletter:

Defence tactics and a happy ending
Experienced criminal barrister Ian Harris provides some useful tactics for defence advocates.

Children, Cuckooing & County Lines: Application of the Modern Slavery Act
In this article, criminal defence specialist Olly Jarvis looks at the application of the Modern Slavery Act in drug cases involving minors.

Restraint Orders – Recent Developments
Crime and regulatory barrister Ian Whitehurst provides the latest on restraint orders in the current climate.

Ofsted – A Spotlight on Schools and Social Care
In this article, regulatory and serious crime practitioner Julian King focuses on the current landscape concerning the increased focus on regulation and prosecution, within the spheres of education and social care provision.

For your amusement…

The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton
“It’s good to read about how lawyers can make a difference.  About how they can make justice happen. It’s uplifting. It matters.” A book review by Benjamin Myers QC.

The crime team’s ‘Must Watch’ list and a short quiz
Some television and film recommendations from the team, plus a short detective quiz from Sean Smith to help you pass the time in lockdown.

School Nights (Abolition) Act 2020
As we are confined to another few weeks in lockdown away from the company of friends, family and colleagues, Exchange Chambers’ Mark Mulrooney has drafted some Important Legislation for all to consider during this time.