Andrew Williams secures important victory in the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

January 20, 2021

Andrew Williams from Exchange Chambers has secured an important victory in the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber).

In Daniel James Adams v Thomas James Cecil Jones [2021] UKUT 9 (LC), Deputy Chamber President Martin Rodger QC handed down judgement in a new leading case on the law relating to applications for succession to tenancies under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986.

The applicant’s written application for a succession tenancy had failed to name the landlord.  Upon appeal in the Upper Tribunal, Andrew Williams successfully argued that the application nevertheless was valid for the purposes of the 1986 Act.  The Tribunal provided a detailed overview of the statutory scheme and the consequences of failing to name a landlord when applying for a succession tenancy.  Nevertheless, it accepted that the application remained valid.

Andrew Williams was instructed by Allington Hughes Solicitors and is a member of the property team at Exchange Chambers.