Success in murder trial for Gordon Cole QC and David Temkin

August 7, 2017

Gordon Cole QC and David Temkin secured the convictions of all defendants after a four week murder trial at Preston Crown Court.

Operation Kingsford was the investigation into the murder of Mohammad Yousaf, who was bludgeoned to death in Accrington in September 2016. Mohammed Arif and Rukhsana Bibi were charged with his murder whilst Amna Arif was charged with perverting the course of justice. The case was multi-faceted and complex. It involved international evidence and allegations that the defendants had falsified a will and a life insurance policy. The murder was carried out for financial gain. The case and murder trial gained local media attention.

Detective Chief Inspector Joanne McHugh said, “Gordon and David showed exceptional leadership, providing direction and focus. Their down-to-earth approach was refreshing and enabled them to bring out the best in the team. Gordon’s extraordinary skills allowed this difficult case to be presented in a way that was straightforward for the jury. His examination of witnesses was outstanding. David’s presentation of the documentary evidence was carried out in an authoritative style. His unruffled manner under pressure was exceptional.”

Gordon specialises in all serious crime including murder, manslaughter, drugs, fraud, police corruption and serious sexual abuse.

David has a wealth of experience across the range of courts, tribunals and committees. He specialises in crime and regulatory/professional disciplinary work.

Gordon and David are members of the criminal department at Exchange Chambers.