Success for Chris Richards in significant public liability claim

September 2, 2022

Chris Richards has successfully represented a veterinarian who was badly injured after falling into a manhole.

The Claimant had been walking along a pavement by a main road in London. The Claimant stepped off the pavement with the intention of crossing the road. Unfortunately, there was a manhole which was missing its cover. The Claimant fell into the manhole and suffered a serious injury to his big toe. The injury caused the Claimant to suffer enduring limitations to his walking, running and exercising.

The Claimant brought a claim against the highways authority who were supposed to be maintaining the road. The highways authority argued that they were not to blame and suggested that they had been taking appropriate care of the highway. The highways authority instructed experienced solicitors and counsel to represent them.

The highways authority produced a Defence which included several serious errors. Chris and his solicitors went to a Judge and argued that the errors were so serious that the Defence should immediately be struck out. The Judge agreed that the errors were serious. The Judge allowed the Defendant to amend their Defence but ordered them to pay the Claimant £2,500 on account of their costs.

Chris and his expert solicitors made sure that the claim was ready for trial. The Claimant was examined by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to fully assess the injury to the big toe. The Claimant was helped to obtain the financial evidence showing the effect of the accident upon him. The Claimant’s solicitors also obtained evidence from a number of witnesses to help prove the claim.

Happily, the Defendant decided to settle the claim before trial and pay the Claimant £30,500 on account of his damages.

Chris Richards is a member of the personal injury department at Exchange Chambers, and was instructed by Abbie Eckersley of Clyde & Co.