Success for Andrew Williams at the Chancery Division

August 30, 2017

Andrew Williams from Exchange Chambers secured a total victory for his client after a 4-day trial in the Leeds District Registry of the Chancery Division.

Mr Bedford, the registered owner of a £400,000 smallholding issued proceedings claiming possession of his farmland from the family of his estranged step-daughter Mrs Richards.  The trial primarily turned on Mrs Richards’ counterclaim for title to the land based on proprietary estoppel.

His Honour Judge Michael Raeside QC sitting as a high court judge dismissed the counterclaim in its entirety and ordered the Defendant to give up possession of the farm.

Andrew Williams’ instructing solicitor, Jonathan Robson of Emsleys, said:  “I had heard Andrew deliver a seminar on proprietary estoppel and so he seemed the natural choice of counsel for this case.  It was a challenging case as it threw up difficult questions of law and required skilful cross-examination.  Our client is absolutely delighted that the counterclaim failed in its totality and so he can resume his lawful possession and ownership of his land.”

Andrew is a member of the property department at Exchange Chambers.